Friday, August 6, 2010

A Rabbit Run Will Satisfy Your Pet’s Natural Instincts

A Rabbit Run may be the best thing that you can give to your favorite pet.

We should never take it for granted that our pet rabbit is happy and content inside his cage.

Yes, he is fed nutritious food and goodies daily and given enough revitalizing water to drink. We shower him with plush toys and other playthings. We even give them names and treat them like true members of our family.

We protect our bunny friends from harm by rabbit proofing our homes lest they get trapped in small spaces they cannot crawl their way out of, and keeping deadly predators away from his cage and living area.

He has everything except the things that he needs most, exercise and good old sunshine and fresh air. A Rabbit Run may just be what the doctor ordered for your favorite pet.

Although your rabbit is probably bred in captivity, a Rabbit Run can give your pet the natural habitat he is genetically longing for.

Rabbits crave the great outdoors! Like you, they like getting out of their cramped living quarters every now and then, to enjoy a little rest and recreation, basking in the sun and feeling soft grass caress their bellies.

Rabbits are natural woodland creatures. They partake of the bounty of the land. They cover large distances just to satisfy their hunger. All this with nary a complaint. Because that is how they are built. Natural foragers like rabbits are nature’s forest rangers.

Think about he must be feeling, even with all the perks and gifts you give him. He must be really bored, all cooped up in that tight cage of his.

Let him loose inside a spacious Rabbit Run and have him jump and run and explore till he cannot do so anymore. He will thank you by being receptive to your petting and rabbit talk.

Give your beloved pet a Rabbit Run and nurture his natural instincts to run and hop inside a controlled and protected environment.

Also, space constraints affect your rabbits if they live in inefficiently-designed cages.

What if you decide on getting an additional rabbit? How do you solve a problem like cramped rabbit living quarters? Do you cram all of them into a tight space? Of course not!

If you truly loved your pet, you would not subject them to such an inhuman position.

A Double Rabbit Hutch can solve that problem by providing your pet with adequate room inside for sleeping and a littler roaming about.

Rabbit hutches are far different than rabbit cages. They provide spacious quarters for the rabbits, unlike the little space a cage can offer. Much like giving a rabbit a mansion after letting him live in a shoebox for so long.

It’s like a two storey townhouse for rabbits! Easily modified to expand for additional members, the Double Rabbit Hutch is also a space saver. Being two-tiered, it frees valuable space in your homes, all the while providing adequate living and roaming quarters for your pet rabbits.

You can easily add another member of the family wide in the Double Rabbit Hutch as it is spacious and expandable, accommodating more rabbits than conventional cages.

While rabbit runs satisfy your pet rabbit’s natural wandering instincts, a Double Rabbit Hutch is the perfect solution to space problems that plague urban rabbit owners.

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