Friday, July 23, 2010

What Do Baby Rabbits Eat? A Guide to Raising a Young Bunny

If you're a baby rabbit that has no access to his mother, you may be wondering "What do eat baby rabbits?". It's a good question, because the digestive system of rabbits can be very difficult at first.

Rabbit milk is the milk of all mammals and caloric can be difficult to replicate. The best milk replacer, you are Kitten milk replacer (KMR), which can be purchased at pet shops, and even your local supermarket. However, the milk is not as caloric as rabbit, it is therefore a good idea is to add a tablespoon of cream on each square. This is mixed well and bring the calories to a level that rabbits need.

You have to feed the baby rabbits twice a day. I suggest orally with a pipette or syringe. oral syringe works best, because one can measure how much you give. You can find in any pharmacy.

In addition to the kitten milk replacement, I recommend adding acidophilus on the mixture. Acidophilus comes in capsule form and can be found in a health shop or pharmacy. Acidophilus is the generic term for a group of probiotics, which can greatly help the process of digestion.

How much should you feed the rabbits?

Here are some guidelines for the daily diet, you should use for a 5-6 rabbit book

As a newborn, you start with 5 cc of KMR and a half capsule of acidophilus.
A blow to the week 10-15 DC KMR and half a capsule of acidophilus
2 weeks 25-30 DC KMR and a capsule full of acidophilus Move
3 weeks and stay until weaned on well with a full 30 DC KMR capsulte acidophilus.

If you raise a pet rabbit, it is important to understand what is going on, to take care of these furry creatures

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